Vancouver Art in the Sixties
Intermedia at 575 Beatty Street

the intermedia catalogue

"When I arrived on the Intermedia scene at the end of 1967 I had a good sense of how photography worked and was figuring out how I could use it to make art. As the person with the camera, I naturally assumed the role of photographer and began to document the preparations for the Intermedia Nights exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. At first I wasn't thinking about this documentary project in an art sense – it seemed like something that was necessary and it made me feel useful within the group. Then what started out as publicity became so interesting to me that I carried on with it. So I began what would be a five-year project to document Intermedia's art and artists. I ended up with over 3,000 negatives, which I have held on to for the past 40 years. Then, in 2003 I started on this archival research project based on my intermedia material and the years I spent as a member of the society."
- Michael de Courcy


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